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Taking to Table: Part Two - Luncheon

TAKING TO TABLE: Part Two - Luncheon



“For Luncheon:
Bring in a tray with let-down sides, on which has been previously arranged a tray cloth, and letting down the sides and spreading the cloth upon the dining room to distribute the things as required. The sides of the table are occupied by the requisites for each guest: two plates, a large and small knife and fork and dessert spoon, a folded napkin, and the bread under it, which are to be arranged in front of the place of each guest.

The dishes generally served for lunch are the remains of cold meat, fish, or poultry, neatly trimmed or garnished, or sweetmeats, or fruit or plainly cooked cutlets, chops or steaks, or in fact anything does for lunch; cheese or eggs, or bread and butter and pickles. A good housekeeper will always have something in the house for lunch. Ale, porter, home-made wines, or sherry is generally drank.”

* Using a tray with fold down sides, Lay out the table with a white tablecloth and additional items needed for the meal.

At each place of diner, set as follows:
* Luncheon plate & small plate
* Forks (large & small), knives (large & small), dessert spoons
* Napkin and ring
* Water & wine (or sherry) glasses

From Head of Table, arrange as follows (in clockwise fashion):

Center of Table:
* Cruet Set
* Platter 1: Cold meat, fish, or poultry (and utensils) -LEFT
* Platter 2: Sweetmeats, Chops, or steaks (and utensils) – RIGHT

* Small platter or plate with serving implements for:
* Cheese or eggs – FAR LEFT
* Celery, pickled green beans or olives– FAR RIGHT
* Basket or plate for rolls or bread - LEFT
* Covered Butter Dish – Left

Sideboard Items:
* Removal tray
* Water pitcher
* Extra napkins
* Wine bottle and castor, or decanter
* Tray for dirty silverware

I have added the following items based on other texts of the period that most likely would have been on the table for this meal:
* Water glasses
* Removal tray (Sideboard – mentioned elsewhere in this text)
* Water pitcher (Sideboard – mentioned elsewhere in this text)
* Extra napkins (Sideboard – mentioned elsewhere in this text)
* Wine bottle and castor, or decanter (Sideboard – mentioned elsewhere in text)
* Tray for dirty silverware (Sideboard – mentioned elsewhere in this text)
* Basket for bread or rolls
* Butter dish

DIAGRAM: Luncheon Table Setting

The plate and glassware service used for this setting ARE NOT period appropriate sets. The items shown are from the collection of the author, and are the appropriate size for usage at a luncheon.

Images 1 & 2: Views from Foot and Side of Table

Images 3 & 4: Views from Head & Foot of Table

Image 5: Individual Place Setting

Image 6: Sideboard Setting

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