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Taking to Table: Part 3 - Dinner ~ First Remove

TAKING TO TABLE: Part 3 - Dinner ~ First Remove

Dinner - First Remove:

From the Text:

" To Place Dishes on the Table:

Each servant should be provided at large dinner parties with a bill of fare, and instructed at small ones where the dishes are to be placed. No two dishes resembling each other should be placed near the same part of the table. Soup should always be placed at the head of the table, if there are two, top and bottom, if four, top and bottom and two sides, with fish alternating. Fish should be placed at the head of the table; if two sorts, have fried at the bottom of the table, and boiled at the top. If there are four sorts, arrange the same as the soup. Fish is generally served on a napkin, the corners of which are either turned in or thrown over the fish.
The First Course:
Generally consists of soups and fish, which are removed for the roasts, stews, etc., of the second course."

**To Be Set In Conjunction With General Table Setting

For First Remove:
Soup bowls and plates at head of table
**If two soups – 1 each at head and foot of table
**If four soups – 1 each at head/foot, and each side of table, alternating with fish dishes.

Platter to be placed with utensils at head of table
**If two dishes – place boiled at top, fried at bottom of table.
**If four types – arrange in conjunction with soup placement.

DIAGRAM: Dinner Service - First Remove

PHOTGRAPHS: Dinner Service ~ First Remove

Images 1 & 2: Head of Table - Set With Soup and Fish Entree

Images 3 & 4: Foot of Table - Set with Side and Second Fish Entree

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