Thursday, December 2, 2010

Taking to Table: Part 3 - Dinner ~ Second Remove

Taking to Table: Part 3 - Dinner ~Second Remove
Dinner ~ Second Remove:
From the Text:
"The Second Course:
When there are three, consists of roasts and stews, for the top and bottom. Turkeys or fowls and smoked beef, garnished tongue or fricandeau, for the side, with small made dishes for the corners, served in covered dishes, as curries, ragouts, fricassees, stews, etc.

When there are two roasts, one should be white and the other brown. Removes are generally upon large dishes, for, as they supply the place of the fish and soups, they constitute the principal part of the dinner.

Entrees, or made dishes, require great care in placing them upon the table or the gravy runs over and soils the dish. They are served with a wall of mashed potatoes, to keep them in their proper place, or rice, or other vegetables. They should be served as hot as possible. "
**To Be Set in Conjunction With General Table Setting

For Second Remove:
Roasts & Stews:
* Carving knives and meat fork are placed at head of table.
**When two are served – 1 light, 1 dark (i.e. poultry or fowl, and beef of game) – 1 at head and foot of table.
*Served generally with two to four sides – placed two to each side of centerpiece with coordinating serving implements
DIAGRAM: Dinner Service - Second Remove

PHOTOGRAPHS: Dinner Service ~ Second Remove

Images 1 & 2: Head of Table - Place Setting, Roast & Side

Image 3: Foot of Table with Second Roast and Side

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