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Taking to Table: Part 3 - Dinner ~ Third Remove

TAKING TO TABLE: Part 3 - Dinner ~ Third Remove
Dinner ~ Third Remove
From the Text:
"The Third Course:
Consists of confectionary, delicate vegetables dressed in the French style, puddings, creams, jellies, etc. When there are only two courses, the first generally consists of soups and fish, removed by boiled poultry, smoked beef tongue, stews, roasts, ragouts, curries, or made dishes generally, with vegetables. The second consists of roasted poultry at the top and bottom of the table, with dressed vegetables, macaroni, jellies, water ices, creams, preserves, fruit, pastry, and general confectionery, salads, etc. It is generally contrived to give as great a variety as possible, in their dinners. Thus, a jelly, a compote, an ornamental cake, a dish of preserved fruit, fritters, a blanc mange, a pudding, celery, etc.

The side and corner dishes, usually put on for dessert, consists of compotes in glass dishes, frosted fruit, served on small glass dishes; preserved and dried fruit in small glass dishes, surrounded with leaves or moss, olives, or wafer biscuits, brandy scrolls in the centre. Dishes may consist of a Savoy, or an ornamental cake, on an elevated stand; a group of wax fruit, surrounded with moss; a melon or pineapple, grapes, or a vase of flowers.”
For Third Remove:


* Staged similarly to sides in Second Remove. Principal dishes are to be placed at head and foot of table.

* Smaller plates, dessert forks or spoons are to be set out with this course.
* Corner dishes are to be set accordingly to each corner of the table with their corresponding serving utensils.
* Grouped selections for this remove may be served on a multi-tier serving item (Savoy) or tray.

* Cakes, puddings, or larger items are to be served on an elevated stand.

DIAGRAM: Dinner Service - Third Remove

PHOTOGRAPHS: Dinner Service ~ Third Remove

Images 1 & 2: Overall Views From Foot & Head of Table

Image 3: Place Setting - With Sherry & Water Glasses

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